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    I have been working with the Icenium environment and I have a few feature suggestions:

    1)  Expose the three finger download functionality (the ability to download the entire package) as a javascript API. I know that it will be problamatic for apple store submissions, but for android and other platforms it would be very useful.  There business applications that are deployed to entire business forces that could benefit from the simplicity of being able to do a three finger download.  In addition we could tie into the "notifications" plug in to create our own "upgrade" process that operates outside of apple.

    2)  Add ability to create "code libraries".  A lot of the mobile apps we create share a common code javascript library .  It would be great to not have to copy the files accross each of the apps but instead of have refererences to them (sort of like in visual studio with linked files)

    3)  Add the ability for us to include our own third party plug ins.  I am impressed with the speed at which the library is being built out but from time to time we may need to roll our own plugins (for example with regards to writing binary files).

    4)  Build out your own plug in library.  I can't think of a better to compete with adobe then providing your own api of plug ins that we can use off the shelf.  

    5)  Integrate the ability to do ad hoc deployments through your solution.  Right now if we want to do an ad-hoc deployment of an iphone app we still need to use a third party tool to build the package, find a web server to place the package on and then deploy the url to our users.  If that whole process was stream lined so that we were able to publish our apps to "your store", that would further simplify the app building process.
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    Hello Pierre,

    Thank you for the extensive feedback you've provided in this thread. As we advised in your other thread, it would be best to go to our feedback portal (https://feedback.telerik.com/Project/87) and log these suggestion there, so other users can vote for them. As you probably know we prioritize our features based on the user feedback.

    To comment shortly on your suggestions:
    1. This would be raised and discussed further by us, but it is not in our immediate plans. For your concrete user case, it might be a better option to get only the dynamic data via a service and leave the UI unchanged.
    2. Really interesting suggestion, we would be glad to hear what the community has to say.
    3. This is in the works (vote here: Generic Phonegap Plugin support).
    4. This is a long shot request and is not in our short term plans, but you are right that this would be a very compelling feature that could possibly be a deal sealer.
    5. I understand what you mean and it is an idea that is already utilized by other services (e.g. testflight). Currently you can manually handle this process by using Mist in your browser, which would allow you to "publish" for Ad Hoc as well, download the .ipa file and distribute it among your users. The three finger update works for Ad Hoc deployment, so your users would be able to get your latest bits. Of course you won't be able to control which bits they get, which is what you referred to.

    the Telerik team

    Share feedback and vote for features on our Feedback Portal.
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