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    I tested OpenAccess ORM 2010.2.714 with oracle 9i and this is my suggesttions:

    - In large databases (in my case 900 tables and 150 views) when you "Update From Database", it's necessary a box to filter tables (maybe similiar that Model Schema Explorer) and views and maybe an any way for show/no show tables, views, strored procedures and please GROUP BY schemas, my user database use 3 oracle schemas, but use default schema almost always. To minimize load first load time, load ONLY default schema. I prefer this order: tables, views, and strored procedures. Views and strored procedures can appear collapsed.
    - Add a table from database and add to model, OK. Tomorrow add a new field to table in database. Remove table from model, but it's impossible delete this entity or update from database: don`t appear if it was added. I need edit xml add remove manually this entity and "Update from Database" again.
    - In all OpenAccess interface, and particulary in Model Schema Name, i prefer that all entities (tables, views, strored procedures, etc) group by schemas and order alphabetically, but field of entities (fields of tables, field of views) appear in creation/database order.

    - Datatype "DateTime" don't exist in oracle, only exist "Date", however the script generated "DateTime", obviously script don`t run.
    - I don´t know how create relationship between entities (foreignkeys between tables). I try "Association" tool from toolbox, but don´t run.
    - I believe that "Add New Table" window need more interface power/productivity. For example: Copy and Paste columns, reorder columns. Also copy and Paste tables are a good idea.

    I love SQLServer (identity fields, database diagrams designer, easy to manage, easy VS integration), but my company requiriments says ONLY ORACLE, if OpenAccess can provide in ORACLE:
    - Identity fields (in oracle can simulate with sequences)
    - Bool DataType field
    - A similar interface of database diagrams designer (forward mapping): copy and paste fields, create foreignkeys with drag and drop, change and create primarykeys, etc with forward mapping.

    With Identity fields and powerfull database diagrams designer and the actual ORM features, OpenAccess would be the most powerfull tool for oracle developers.
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