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    Posted 26 Mar 2010 Link to this post

    In my Coverflow item, if I have a background image, then I place a textblock over the top of it, the text appears soft or fuzzy in the coverflow.  Has anyone else seen this?  Has anyone found a work around?  When I take away the background image, the text looks fine.  It also doesn't matter whether it is over a jpg, png or path object.



    xaml for the control that gets loaded into the coverflow item:

    <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Width="140" Height="125">
      <Path Fill="#FFFAF6F6" Stretch="Fill" Stroke="Black" Margin="5.75,26.5,5.25,26.25" UseLayoutRounding="False" Data="M6.25,27 L134.25,27 L133.75,98.25 L6.25,98.25 z"/>
      <TextBlock x:Name="txtMovieTitle" TextAlignment="Center" Margin="6,26,6,46" Text="TextBlock" TextWrapping="Wrap" FontSize="12" LineHeight="9"/>
      <Image x:Name="imgStatus" Height="26" Margin="6,0,0,27" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Width="21"/>
      <Image x:Name="imgCompany" Margin="0,0,8,28" Opacity="0.5" Height="28" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" RenderTransformOrigin="0.5,0.5" Width="84" HorizontalAlignment="Right"/>
      <Path Fill="#FF060000" Stretch="Fill" Stroke="Black" Margin="1.125,9,1.5,10.375" UseLayoutRounding="False" Data="M123.125,91.570702 L123.125,100.32146 L130.87875,100.35878 L131,91.75 L132.05551,91.613808 z M108.5,91.500122 L108.5,100.25108 L122.02703,100.31618 L116.125,100 L116.125,91.536919 z M94.5,91.432556 L94.5,100.18371 L105.95859,100.23885 L101.5,100 L101.5,91.466339 z M79.375,91.359558 L79.375,100.11092 L90.576859,100.16483 L87.5,100 L87.5,91.398773 z M64.5,91.287766 L64.5,100.03934 L73.959099,100.08486 L72.375,100 L72.375,91.325775 z M50.125,91.218391 L50.125,99.970161 L57.615974,100.00621 L57.5,100 L57.5,91.253983 z M35.375,91.75 L35.5,99.899788 L43.125,99.936478 L43.125,91.75 z M21.125,91.5 L21.125,99.830605 L28.5,99.866096 L28.375,91.5 z M6.375,91.5 L6.5,99.5 L4.6092072,99.57563 L4.6097107,99.751129 L14.125,99.796921 L14.125,91.25 z M123.125,6.25 L123,13.25 L116.125,13.125 L116,6.375 z M94.5,6.25 L94.375,13.25 L87.5,13.125 L87.375,6.375 z M79.375,6.25 L79.25,13.25 L72.375,13.125 L72.25,6.375 z M0.625,0.5 L136.875,0.75 L136.875,6 L108.62315,6.1036758 L108.5,13 L101.625,12.875 L101.50009,6.1298141 L64.495255,6.2656097 L64.375,13 L57.5,12.875 L57.37809,6.2917328 L50.119316,6.3183746 L50,13 L43.125,12.875 L43.004066,6.3444824 L35.493355,6.3720474 L35.375,13 L28.5,12.875 L28.380058,6.3981476 L21.246887,6.424324 L21.125,13.25 L14.25,13.125 L14.126396,6.4504547 L10.625,6.5 L6.625,6.5 L6.7738647,13.25219 L130.49979,13.487854 L130.375,6.25 L136.875,6 L136.875,13.375 L131.06445,13.48893 L136.875,13.5 L136.75,17.5 L6.875,17.5 L5.625,17.5 L4.3757095,17.5 L4.5844574,90.875 L4.8557663,90.875 L4.625,89.375 L133.125,89.5 L132.625,17.5 L136.625,17.875 L136.875,104.875 L134.62317,104.97736 L134.625,105 L134.125,105 L4.6246414,105 L4.625,105.125 L0.5,105.125 L0.62437439,17.443954 L0.5,6.375 L0.625,6.3877563 z"/>
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    Posted 02 Apr 2010 Link to this post

    Hi mark baer,

    Thanks for your question. You can refer to the following forum post:

    We will be definitely looking into this issue for SP1.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team

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