Fiddler Jam  FAQs


  • What's included in the license? 
  • How many licenses do I need?  
  • How do I assign users to the purchased licenses? 
  • What’s the difference between license holder and user?
  • Can I install the product on more than one machine? 
  • Am I allowed to use the product after the subscription expires? 
  • How do I transfer a license to another user? 

    Handling Failed Payments | Fiddler Jam

  • How to change the subscription plan from monthly to annual?
  • My payment failed when I tried to modify my Fiddler Jam subscription plan selection. How should I proceed?
  • How to resolve the "Transaction Failed" message after adding more seats to my subscription plan?
  • How to resolve failed payment for automatic plan renewal?
  • How to retry a failed payment after using an expired card?
  • How to retry a failed payment after receiving an error message relating to insufficient funds?
  • How to resolve a failed payment after 3DS authentication fails?