Frequently Asked

What is Telerik Reporting?

Telerik Reporting is a complete, lightweight, easy-to-use and powerful .NET embedded reporting for web and desktop applications, which helps transform data into actionable, beautiful and reusable business reports.

Telerik Reporting comes with three WYSIWYG report designers for report creation – web and desktop report designers and report designer, which integrates with Visual Studio. All report designers provide drag-and-drop report creation. The design surface represents canvas of the actual layout of the report elements as they would appear on a printed sheet of paper. The report designer offers gridlines and item snapping for perfect positioning, countless wizards and integrated tools to help developers create complex report layouts, add tables, charts and aggregates, bar codes as well as style reports and manipulate data in a fraction of the time compared to legacy ways of creating reports.

Once the report has been created with one of designers, users can style them through CSS-like style and/or Excel-like conditional formatting and expressions.

In addition to styling, Telerik Reporting includes a variety of interactive features – drill-through, drill-down, navigation into the report and many more. The report engine of Telerik Reporting is fully mature to meet the reporting needs of any modern business.

Telerik Reporting can be installed very easily and has very short learning curve. The overall process speeds up significantly the development time (up to 50%).

Once the report has been created, the developer can embed the report in any .NET and HTML5 applications through available report viewers and/or export it into available formats.

The reports can be viewed directly in the supplied report viewers, where we guarantee the same pixel perfect look of the reports, regardless of the platform. Telerik Reporting supports: ASP.NET Core, Blazor, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX, HTML5/JS, Angular, React, Vue, WPF, WinForms.

The Telerik Reporting rendering function enables developers to deliver reports to users in the format they prefer. Export reports to Microsoft Excel or CSV format if they would like to further manipulate the report data, archive it in PDF format or forward it via email. Also supported is the ability to export to RTF, MHTML and images. The reports can be printed if handouts and paper archives are required.

Telerik Reporting gives developers full control over their data, because it makes use of the most popular data sources (OLAP cubes, databases, Excel and xml files, business objects and more) to compile the reports they need.

You can evaluate and see all the benefits of Telerik Reporting by downloading a 30-day free trial. Doing so will get you access to our support with response time of less than 24 hours. The trial will also provide you with detailed resources to make the Getting started experience as smooth as possible.

For more information, visit Telerik Reporting page.