Frequently Asked

What is Telerik Report Server?

Telerik Report Server is end-to-end report management solution which helps transform raw data into actionable business insights and then stores and distributes these insights within the business.

Report Server comes bundled as a lightweight web application that can be downloaded and run on user local web server. Once its installed, it enables the company to store all reports in a single server-side repository. Report Server is a one-stop shop for professional report management and comes with WYSIWYG Standalone Report Designer and Web-based Report Designer to help developers and users easily create reports. With a standalone web interface, Report Server also empowers business users and managers to load, view and deliver reports in the most user-friendly way.
Report Server contains many Line-of-Business features. Let’s review some of them.

Report Scheduling

Many businesses operate with a huge reporting load on daily basis and need automated report scheduling. Report Server enables you to schedule and run reports either all at once or on preliminary scheduled intervals. Once scheduled, the reports can automatically be delivered to your end users via email in the selected format (PDF, Excel or HTML), printed or saved locally for further actions. Your end users don’t need a license to receive reports and there is no limit to the number of users you can reach. There is also no limit to the number of tasks you can schedule.
Report Server supports upward of 15+ formats for presenting reports, including Word, Excel, PDF, PPT, Image and CSV.

User Management, Authentication and Authorization

Report Server provides flexible solutions for user management and authentication issues with many hierarchical levels of management. Access to reports is limited to registered users. Administrators can easily create and manage user roles with predefined permissions, add new licensed users and assign them to user roles or set individual user permissions.

Active Directory Integration

Report Server provides support for Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS) authentication provider, enabling your users to authenticate using their Windows domain or Azure AD credentials. The integration is quick and seamless, giving you full control in assigning roles, whether it’s administrator or read-only.

Viewing reports

Once created the reports can be shown in feature rich web preview. It allows all authorized server users to review, print and export the report content. Additionally, the reports can be integrated in web and desktop application. This can be achieved with the report viewer controls included in Telerik Reporting solution. Report Server is powered by Telerik Reporting which supports the following technologies: ASP.NET Core, Blazor, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX, HTML5, Angular, React, Vue, WPF, WinForms.

Data Alerts and E-mail Notifications

Pre-defined data alerts and e-mail notifications help report users to stay informed of changes in the reporting data regardless of how much information is collected. Data-alerts can be run on a recurrent basis like daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.


Report Server provides re-branding functionality. Progress enables developers and users to white label Report Server reports with their own brand for the same price. In this way they will be able to strengthen the loyalty with their customers.

Telerik Report Server gives developers and users full control over their data, because it makes use of the most popular data sources (OLAP cubes, databases, Excel and xml files, business objects and more) to compile the reports they need.

You can evaluate and see all the benefits of Telerik Report Server by downloading a 30-day free trial. Doing so will get you access to our support with response time of less than 24 hours. The trial will also provide you with detailed resources to make the Getting started experience as smooth as possible.

For more information, visit Telerik Report Server page.