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Data Visualization Taken to the Next Dimension

Analyzing wide and big data is challenging in 2D, even for experienced professionals. Make it simple with VR and human-realistic stereoscopic 3D.


Are You Looking to Enable AR and VR for Your Business?

Are you concerned that your company will fall behind the competition if it doesn’t utilize AR and VR today?

Are you wondering what this technology is good for, besides gaming and entertainment?

Are you concerned that AR and VR development is hard with a steep learning curve?

Explore and Analyze Your Data Like Never Before

Experience the Value of VR

Stereoscopic 3D produces a human-realistic sense of depth by displaying two slightly different images to the left and right eyes of the viewer. This technique is based on the characteristics of the human visual system.

Install Locally

Download the source code of the applications and deploy to your VR headset. Wow your peers and leadership team with next-generation data visualization and immersive experiences.

Build Your First AR/VR App

We can help you build your first AR and/or VR app. Just let us know your data and we will help you bring it to VR in a meaningful and readable way.

Native Unity3D Prototype Applications

Twitter Graph in VR and Sales Data Dashboard in VR are two fully functional applications built specifically to demonstrate the value of AR and VR for data visualization. The Chart and Graph components are reusable native Unity3D assets that can be seamlessly plugged into your future applications.

Twitter Graph

vr-video-screenshot Download

Sales Dashboard


Free Tools

These are small reusable components that solve specific problems and may be useful for your AR and VR application development.


Motion Tool

This tool lets you record the motions of Unity game objects of interest and replay these motions later, when needed. This tool played critical role in properly shooting our 360-degree video. If you need to capture a 360 video as well then you may find this useful.

Built on Unity3D

The Chart and Graph components are native Unity3D components that can be plugged into any Unity3D-based AR/VR application. Unity3D is the de facto standard for building AR and VR experiences and besides the excellent rendering quality, ease of use and performance, it also offers true cross-platform support. With Unity3D you can deploy to virtually any AR and VR hardware that exists today—from mobile through head-mounted devices.

Meet The Team

We are developers. It’s in our DNA to help other developers and businesses solve their challenges in an elegant and efficient way. Let us be your partner while making the transition from the technologies of today to the technologies of tomorrow. Our only goal is your success!

Georgi Atanasov


Panayot Cankov


Deyan Yosifov


Hristo Zaprianov


Stefan Stefanov


Svetlin Nikolaev



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Wondering how your data would feel in VR? We’d love to help you see it!

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