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UWP HubTile

  • Overview

    RadHubTile is a rectangular UI element designed specifically to update itself dynamically and show the latest up to date information from different services or apps even when they are not running.

    Telerik UI for UWP HubTile Control Overview
  • Variations

    There are five variations of RadHubTile which differ in the type of information they visualize and variety of effects:

    • RadHubTile is a tile used to display information such as how many notifications you have in your inbox, or how many tasks are left in your TODO list, etc.
    • RadSlideHubTile contains two pieces of contents where you can put text or pictures. The visual effect supported by this tile includes three states:
      • Shows the bottom content.
      • Shows the top half of the bottom content and the bottom half of the top content.
      • Shows the top content.
    • RadPictureRotatorHubTile displays one picture at a time and rotates random pictures of a collection of image URIs.
    • RadMosaicHubTile consists of smaller tiles, which flip randomly to show pictures from a collection of image URIs.
    • RadCustomHubTile is a custom HubTile that allows you to put anything from text to a dynamically updating mini UI in it.
  • Styling and Appearance

    You can define the appearance of the RadHubTile controls using one of the three available brushes:

    • TelerikHubTileBackgroundBrush
    • TelerikForegroundBrush
    • TelerikHubTileBorderBrush

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