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UWP Grid

  • Native, Rich and Powerful Grid. Unmatched Performance

    Every aspect of the Grid for Windows 10 has been built from the ground up to deliver maximum performance and a native look and feel for the Windows Store. Every line of code has been carefully written to optimize the behavior and performance on modern touch devices. The advanced UI virtualization brings top performance and makes the grid fast, fluid and responsive, capable of processing hundreds of thousands of records, even on low-end Windows 10 devices.

    Telerik UI for UWP Grid Control Overview image
  • Customizable Columns

    You can visualize rich data by customizing Grid cells to accommodate images, charts and other rich visuals. The Grid component for Windows 10 enables you to use templates for the different cell types of a column. You can also define the column’s width manually or automatically depending on the cell’s content.

    Telerik UI for UWP Grid Control Customization Image
  • Grouping

    The Telerik Grid for Windows 10 supports built-in grouping which can be enabled with a single property. Your users will be able to group data by simply moving a column header to the dedicated grouping panel. You can customize the group headers via the group-header-template, to additionally highlight them. The rich API of the control allows you to easily define groups in the code-behind. Last but not least, you can use the Aggregation API to get summary about each group. There are various known functions available (Sum/Min/Max/Average, etc.), but the developer can also implement custom functions as well. Enjoy top performance in any complex group scenarios.

  • Single and Multi-column Sorting

    Enable ascending or descending sorting with a single property. Take advantage of the single and multi-column sorting or define your custom sorting expressions. As a result, your users will be able to sort the data by simply tapping on the column headers.

    Telerik UI for UWP Grid Control Sorting Image
  • Grid Data Editing

    Your users can now update data in the Grid itself. In-place editing of data in the Grid is built into the control, so you don’t need to do any complicated event handling or UI manipulation to give your users an excellent experience right out of the box.

  • Selection

    Cell or Row, Single or Multiple—all selection modes are available. As with the rest of RadGrid’s features, a specific selection mode can be enabled with a single property.

    Telerik UI for UWP Grid Control Selection Image
  • Filtering

    Filter any type of data—string, decimal, Boolean, date and time. The various filtering functions (is/no equal/greater/less; before/after; contains/StartsWith/EndsWith, etc.) will enable your users to apply any filtering criteria. The rich API allows you to easily define any advanced filtering criteria through code.

    Telerik UI for UWP Grid Control Filtering Image
  • Grid filtering customization

    This filtering customization shows how you can implement filtering by duration in your booking app.

    Telerik UI for UWP Grid Control Filtering Customization Image

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