Testing Framework features

Cross-Browser Testing

Expand your browser compatibility testing to all the major browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 7.x+
  • Firefox 4.x+
  • Safari 5.x+
  • Chrome 14.x+

Want to test your app against different browsers? You can do that without altering your test at all! You’ll just need to change the BrowserType setting to Chrome for example and watch the test you've already created execute against that browser.

Test Automation For AJAX Applications

Build robust, reliable and easily maintainable tests for your AJAX-powered applications. Perform complex UI actions like Drag-n-drop and pure UI actions on web pages (i.e. Hover, Right-click, etc.). When building tests for AJAX, you can’t rely on complete page loads or browser ready flags in order to know when a specific action has finished. The Telerik Testing Framework supports a WaitForElement(s) method which allows you to identify wait for elements and use them to write tests for AJAX. For example, you can wait for an element to show up at a specific DOM location or wait for some of its attributes to be set to certain values. If you want to record and manage functional tests even for the most complex AJAX scenarios with just a mouse-click, you should try Test Studio.

Test Automation For HTML5 Applications

Build tests for most of the new HTML5 tags like input types (number, email, range, search and URL), as well as details, meter, progress and source tags. You can also test graphics and multimedia elements as well as CSS3 properties.

Test Automation for XAML Applications

Working in Silverlight or WPF? The Telerik Testing Framework enables you to write automation directly for your XAML applications. You’ll get access to every single element/object in the entire application’s UI. Besides the ability to perform basic automation actions like clicking, moving and setting text, the tool gives you access to complex properties on UI elements such as brushes, borders and even transform matrices.

You can also extend the Telerik Testing Framework as much as you want to fit your testing needs. Want to access a property on a custom control? No problem – you can get it done with just a few lines of code. What’s more, you don’t have to tweak the application under test!

Extensive Html/AJAX/XAML Control Suite

Besides native support for Telerik’s UI components and widgets, the Telerik Testing Framework also includes an extensive suite of strongly typed HTML, AJAX, Silverlight and WPF element wrappers which abstract out the generic control specifics. Thanks to the wrappers developers can code tests for complex control-based applications quickly and easily.

Native Support for the Telerik UI Controls

The Framework also ships with wrappers for pretty much all the Telerik components for ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight and WPF as well as for the Kendo UI web widgets. They enable developers to build regression tests for control-intensive apps much quicker. These wrappers expose rich API by numerous methods and properties that help developers save time and efforts when writing functional tests even for very complex web applications built with the Telerik controls.

Testing HTML Popups and Browser Dialogs

The Telerik Testing Framework offers native support for HTML popups for all browsers. In addition, the framework easily handles some of the common browser dialogs like JavaScript Alert, Upload dialog and Logon dialog. If you don’t get easily scared from writing code, you can extend this support to handle any custom dialog you need.

Unit Testing Frameworks Integration

Telerik Testing Framework ships with built-in support for NUnit, MbUnit or XUnit unit testing tools. When installing the Framework, new fully commented NUnit, MbUnit and XUnit ItemTemplates will be added to your list of available templates. You can start using our free testing tool by simply selecting it from the 'Add->New Item' tool menu (or context menu) available to your Visual Studio project. You can also benefit from built-in support for Visual Studio Team Test and its unit testing framework. The Framework can be used with or without Visual Studio but if you are already using Visual Studio Team Test in your development environment, you can easily and quickly integrate the Framework as part of that environment.

JavaScript Invocation And Logging

The Telerik Testing Framework supports calling JavaScript functions directly from your .NET test code as well as perform logging directly from JavaScript. The key advantage here is that you can use the tool to do your JavaScript unit testing without having to integrate yet another unit testing framework in your development environment. Thus, you can also avoid having to learn/support an additional framework.

Subscribe To JavaScript Events

Telerik Testing Framework understands JSON objects and can handle strongly typed objects returned from JavaScript. You can now attach to JavaScript events on your page from your .NET code and have these events trigger an event handler in your test code. In addition to simply calling an event with empty arguments, you can also include an event argument. It’s all been encapsulated in one object called “ScriptEvent” and can be used with the InvokeEvent method. Thus, you will be able to fully automate and control your JavaScript with a clean object model.

Element Find Logic Using LINQ

Testing Framework provides one of the richest markup identification infrastructures currently available on the market. It builds on top of commonly known element identification methods like 'getElementById', 'getElementByName' or 'XPath' and extends them to provide identification routines that cater to various automation scenarios. Additionally, the Framework leverages the power of LINQ to offer rich set of search methods that make possible to not only find elements using their names but also by their text or type. Now users can query the entire DOM tree and Visual Tree using a LINQ expression. By using LINQ they can also create strongly typed advanced queries with Intellisense support.

Continuous Integration With Build Server

You can integrate any build server with the tests you write. Execute your tests on the server if you are using CruiseControl, TeamCity or Visual Studio’s Build Server, or leverage Microsoft's command line execution tool: MsTest.exe.

Easily Collaborate With Your Testers

In addition to the Telerik Testing Framework, we offer an automated testing solution that caters to non-technical testers who work outside Visual Studio. Test Studio Standalone application is a powerful record and playback tool for functional, load and performance testing. Testers can have their tests exported for direct use in Visual Studio. What’s more, Test Studio seamlessly integrates with MS TFS to allow QAs to check-in their tests next to the production code. Test Studio also ships with a Visual Studio plug-in for test automation that helps developers accelerate their automated testing efforts.
Check out Test Studio

Testcase Management, Execution and Source Control

Being a .NET-powered tool, Telerik Testing Framework is fully integrated within Visual Studio Team System and Professional Edition 2008, 2010 and 2012. Thus it leverages functionalities such as test case management and execution, source control, execution, and reporting by using Microsoft TFS.

Powerful API

Telerik Testing Framework offers a rich .NET library which you can use to write tests for even the most complex test scenarios. The Framework is a pure .NET stack that requires only one DLL with no dependencies on any third party tools. It ships with over 80 sample tests and tons of online documentation.

The Visual Studio Plugin for Powerful Automated Testing

Use the Test Studio plugin for Visual Studio to create robust automated tests for almost any web and desktop app - HTML5, XAML, AJAX and MVC. Record and run tests against multiple browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Then further customize and extend them in C# or VB.NET. Easily update elements across all your test cases by using the Elements explorer. Debug both code via Visual Studio and recorded steps via Test Studio’s Visual Debugger.

  • Integrate any build server with your recorded tests
  • Generate tests for NUnit, MbUnit, MSTest, or xUnit
  • Source control system integration
  • Native support for the Telerik controls

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