Telerik JustDecompile

Release History

Q2 2012

June 11, 2012

Q2 2012 (version 2012.2.607)

  • New: Assembly editing with Reflexil plugin
  • New: Assembly deobfuscation with Reflexil plugin
  • New: Show assembly attributes
  • New: Improved XAML decompilation
  • New: Support for covariance and contravariance in generics
  • New: Support for optional and named parameters
  • New: Support for decompiling dynamic keywords
  • New: Decompile assembly *.resx to a project too when using "Create Project" option
  • New: Export assembly attributes to a project when using "Create Project" option
  • New: Use relative paths in project files when using "Create Project" option
  • New: Improved Assembly Resources Handling
  • New: Improved missing reference assemblies handling
  • New: Sorted attribute ordering
  • New: XML/HTML/ASPX/ASCX/HTM/JS/TXT resource viewer
FIXED Various bug fixes in UI and the Decompilation engine

Telerik JustDecompile


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