JustDecompile BETA2011.2.1010

October 9, 2011

JustDecompile Beta (v2011.2.1010) Release Notes


  • Possibility to open more assemblies directly via command line
  • Ability to decompile an assembly directly from the command line (JustDecompileCmd.exe [/lang:csharp] /out:c:\\dir /target:c:\\assembly.dll). Currently C# is the only supported language.
  • .NET 3.5 is added to the default load framework menu
  • Added WindowsBase, PresentaionFramework, PresentationCore as a part from the .NET assemblies
  • Integrated into the Windows context menu
  • Added a Context menu item for collapsing tree-view assemblies
  • An additional label that shows the assembly architecture has been put in the selected assembly details view


  • Memory optimizations
  • Decompilation improvements
  • Other fixes
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