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Working in large React apps brings up new and fun concerns. Like, how do you organize your files so your team can find things? How do you agree on which dependencies to use? And, how to ensure that tabs versus spaces arguments don’t ruin friendships?

Luckily, on this episode we welcomed Paige Niedringhaus (@pniedri), who has a ton of experience working in large React apps and teams at The Home Depot. Paige shared some tips & tricks she’s learned over the years, and demoed some of her tips for us!

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React Three Fiber with Paul Henschel

On this episode of React Wednesdays, we welcomed Paul Henschel (@0xca0a), the lead maintainer of react-three-fiber, a React renderer for Three.js

Three.js is a JavaScript library used to create amazing animations on the web. If you haven’t seen three.js demos in action before, you should definitely check them out.

If you're wondering how you, as a React developer, can use three.js in your React apps, this one is for you! Paul explained how it all works, and then coded some animations for us live.

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May 6, 2021

React Contexts Getting Out of Hand with Jeremy Ward

On this episode of React Wednesdays, we welcomed Jeremy Ward (@basicBrogrammer), author of When a simple React context gets out of hand

Contexts are one of the fundamental building blocks of React apps, and they’re one of those features that starts simple—just create a context and provider, right?—but can get out of hand in complex applications.

Jeremy showed us techniques for working with contexts at scale, and demoed the guidelines from his blog post!

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April 29, 2021

Working with Dynamic Types in TypeScript with Stefan Baumgartner

If you’re like me, you love using TypeScript in your React apps, but you get confused on how you’re supposed to use types once you get beyond the basics.

But good news! On this episode of React Wednesdays we welcomed in Stefan Baumgartner (@ddprrt), author of TypeScript in 50 Lessons, who taught us some advanced features of TypeScript’s type system, especially around working with dynamic static typing.

This is a great one to check out if you like TypeScript and want to learn how to use it more effectively in your React apps.

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April 22, 2021

Let’s Learn Snowpack with Fred Schott

On this episode of React Wednesdays we were joined by Fred K. Schott (@FredKSchott) to chat about Snowpack.

Snowpack is a build tool that’s meant to be a simpler alternative to more complex bundlers like webpack for development workflows. It uses JavaScript’s native module system, which helps it run fast during development.

Fred showed us how it all worked with a live demo of Snowpack in action. I’d highly recommend any JavaScript developer check this one out, as everyone needs to bundle code, and Snowpack is a compelling way to do so. It’s fast 🔥

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April 8, 2021

Learning Recoil with David McCabe

On this episode of React Wednesdays we welcomed David McCabe (@mcc_abe) - UI engineer at Facebook, and author of Recoil.

Recoil is an experimental set of utilities for state management with React, and it focuses pretty heavily on helping you manage state across components.

David did an awesome demo of Recoil for us, and now you can see it in action as well!

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April 1, 2021

Building Gatsby Documentation and Demos with Kiril Peyanski

On this episode of React Wednesdays we explored Gatsby, a popular framework for building static React apps!

Our guest was Kiril Peyanski (@kspeyanski), a Senior Software Engineer at Progress, and the go-to person for all things Gatsby!

Kiril showed us some advanced Gatsby workflows that he's learned from building the infrastructure that drives the KendoReact documentation system—including how to take advantage of the Gatsby plugin ecosystem, and how to embed complex demos.

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March 25, 2021