• Touch-enabled, fully customizable circular menu
  • Better end-user experience and interactions
  • 15 predefined themes and many options
  • Nested Items and Selection Options

    Define multiple levels of items inside the menu to group commands based on their end result. For example, you can group text alignment commands in multiple levels (first level: Alignment; second level: Left, Center, Right or Justify).

    Menu items can have varying selection behaviors. Toggle some items, such as font style items like Bold, Italic and so on) or group others, so that users can only select a single item at a time from a group of items (useful for color or size selection).

    Nested Items and Selection Options in RadialMenu for WPF
  • Fully Customizable Appearance in Radial Menu for WPF

    Fully Customizable

    RadRadialMenu for Silverlight provides many customization options. Easily adjust the menu and its items in various ways, including changing the color, shape and size of items. In addition, the circular menu comes with more than 15 built-in themes for easy personalization.

  • Integrates Well with Other Controls

    The RadialMenu control for Silverlight integrates easily with any existing control and application and provides a smooth menu control experience to the end user. For example, RadRadialMenu integrates nicely with RadRichTextBox, enabling users to edit, format and work with text using the circular menu. The control also works well with RadImageEditor, giving users all image editing options in a simple, easy-to-use menu.

    Seamless Integration of RadialMenu for WPF with other controls and apps
  • RadialMenu Control for WPF


    RadRadialMenu for Silverlight is a circular context menu where selection depends on direction. It provides a smooth and reliable gestural interaction. The control appears as a menu, popping in a circular form and containing multiple levels of items grouped by their purpose. RadRadialMenu provides end-user advantages list-based menus cannot.

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