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Silverlight ComboBox

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  • Filtering

    The advanced filtering mechanism of the ComboBox component enables you to quickly refine the search results as you type in the input area.

  • Data Binding Support

    ComboBox can be easily bound to different data source types. Seamlessly set item texts and define separate templates for the selected items. You can also configure the text search to use a specific property of your data items. 

  • Edit and Selection Modes

    Use a variety of out-of-the-box edit and selection modes to enable users to find information via text search, drop-down, filtering or custom lookup scenarios.
  • Enable AutoComplete Partial Matches Selection

    This UI for Silverlight ComboBox functionality makes it so that an item gets selected while you are typing the word. You can enable this behavior with ease thanks to an intuitive API.

  • Validation Support

    Use built-in validation support to ensure user input is correct. Employ helpful validation messages to guide the users toward the correct input.
  • Auto-Complete Functionality

    The auto-complete functionality optimizes the process of entering text in RadComboBox by showing the most relevant results on top as users begin to type.
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