excel-file-name String

The file name of the exported Excel file.

excel-filterable Boolean

Enables or disables column filtering in the Excel file. Different from the filtering features of the PivotGrid.

excel-force-proxy Boolean

If excel-force-proxy is set to true, the content will be forwarded to proxyURL even if the browser supports the saving of files locally.

excel-proxy-url String

The URL of the server-side proxy which will stream the file to the user. Such browsers are IE version 9 and lower and Safari. The developer is responsible for implementing the server-side proxy.

The proxy will receive a POST request with the following parameters in the request body:

  • contentTypeThe MIME type of the file.
  • base64The base-64 encoded file content or the file name as requested by the caller.

The proxy will return the decoded file with the Content-Disposition header set to attachment; filename="<fileName.xslx>".

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