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Vuex Integration

The Kendo UI for Vue components reactivity enables you to use them in combination with the Vuex library.

The Kendo UI for Vue components have built-in functionality to support the native Vue reactivity, which is achieved through the usage of their API methods. That enables Vuex to automatically propagate changes to the Kendo UI components and update them along with data and state changes. This makes the Kendo UI for Vue suite fully integrable within Vuex scenarios.

The one thing that you should care about is to sync the components' Events with the Mutations in Vuex. This is needed, because there is no automation in achieving such link between any event and its corresponding state changes in the Vuex Store.

A full and comprehensive tutorial on the usage of Kendo UI for Vue with Vuex in application could be revised in the Get More Out of Vue and Kendo UI Using Vuex blog post.

The following example demonstrates the usage of a Kendo UI Grid for Vue with Vuex, which is the output of the sample application available in our GitHub repository kendo-with-vuex:

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