Vuex Integration

The reactivity of the Kendo UI for Vue wrapper components enables you to use them in combination with the Vuex library.

The Vue components by Kendo UI deliver built-in functionality to support the native Vue reactivity which is achieved through the usage of their API methods. As a result, the Vuex library is able to automatically propagate changes to the Kendo UI components and to update them along with any data and state changes. This implementation logic makes the Kendo UI for Vue suite fully integrable within Vuex scenarios.

The only thing you need to take care about is to sync the events of the components with the mutation feature in Vuex because Vuex Store does not provide an automation for linking an event with its corresponding state changes.

For the full and comprehensive tutorial on using Kendo UI for Vue with Vuex in applications, refer to the Get More Out of Vue and Kendo UI Using Vuex blog post.

The following example is the output of the sample application available in kendo-with-vuex on GitHub and demonstrates how to use the Kendo UI Grid for Vue with Vuex.

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