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The configuration options of the series trendlines.




The trendline forecast settings. By default, the trendline does not display a forecast.

The forecast setting is supported for Linear Trendlines on date and scatter series.



The order (degree) of the Polynomial trendline. The default value is 2.

Accepted values are from 2 to 6:

  • 2: a Quadratic polynomial trendline with a single extreme point (minimum or maximum) point.
  • 3: a Cubic polynomial trendline with up to 2 extreme points.
  • 4: a polynomial trendline of 4th degree with up to 3 extreme points.
  • 5: a polynomial trendline of 5th degree with up to 4 extreme points.
  • 6: a polynomial trendline of 6th degree with up to 5 extreme points.



The number of intervals to take when calculating averages. The value should be an integer greater than 2.

The period setting is supported only for Moving Average trendlines.

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