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Specifies the size of the icon.

The possible values are:

  • default (Default)Font-size: 16px; Width: 16px; Height: 16px.
  • xsmallFont-size: 8px; Width: 8px; Height: 8px.
  • smallFont-size: 12px; Width: 12px; Height: 12px.
  • mediumFont-size: 32px; Width: 32px; Height: 32px.
  • largeFont-size: 48px; Width: 48px; Height: 48px.
  • xlargeFont-size: 64px; Width: 64px; Height: 64px.


  • "default"
  • "xsmall"
  • "small"
  • "medium"
  • "large"
  • "xlarge"

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