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JSP PivotGrid v.2

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  • Overview

    The Telerik UI for JSP PivotGrid v2 is a powerful data management component used to visualize multidimensional data in a cross-tabular format. The component allows you to visualize large volumes of data, display measures, KPIs, and drill-down based on dimension hierarchy, sort and filter the data, customize its content through templates, and export to PDF.

    Telerik UI for JSP PivotGrid v2 Component
  • Data Binding

    Bind the JSP PivotGrid v2 remotely or locally to OLAP cube or flat data. The component is designed to be as flexible as possible when it comes to loading, slicing, and analyzing data.

    PivotGrid Data Binding
  • Sorting and Filtering

    Take advantage of the built-in sorting & filtering of the PHP PivotGrid to allow end-users to sort and filter their data in an Excel-like manner.

    Telerik JSP PivotGrid v2 Sorting and Filtering
  • Custom Content with Templates

    You can easily tailor the look of the PivotGridV2’s column & row headers and cell values through templates, which let you render custom content.

    Telerik JSP PivotGrid v2 Custom Content with Templates
  • Export to PDF

    The PHP PivotGrid v2 provides a built-in PDF export functionality. Thanks to the PDF export library, you can customize the appearance and layout of the exported PDF file.

    Telerik UI for JSP PivotGrid v2 Export to PDF
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