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  • Organize Items in the Column Menu

    The Grid column menu provides high-level customization options, allowing you to implement complex scenarios and meet any project requirements. For example, you can order a column or group multiple columns by data type.  
    Telerik UI for ASP.NET JSP Grid
  • Exportable Property for Grid Columns 

    Grid columns have the Exportable property. When set to false, it will cause any export actions (like exporting to PDF, Excel or CSV) to skip the selected column. You can even mark a column as only exportable when a certain file format is used (e.g. exportable for CSV but not for others). The feature comes in handy when you want the exported data to be as small as possible in size, so you skip columns displaying data aggregated from other columns (like sum or average of other columns).  
  • Templates

    Have full control over the way your Telerik Kendo UI Grid looks to the end user. Using the template feature of the Grid component, you can easily customize the display and layout of columns and rows.
  • Keyboard Navigation

    Provide your users with a method to interact with the Telerik Kendo UI Grid component without needing the mouse. With keyboard navigation you can create an application that fits users either preferring to utilize keystrokes, or create a highly accessible application by offering a mouse alternative.

  • Accessibility

    Telerik Kendo UI Grid component is perfect for scenarios where accessibility is important for your application. The Grid complies with Section 508 and WCAG guidelines, ensuring that individuals with disabilities can still view and interact with it.

  • Column interactions

    Give your users the ability to re-size and reorder the columns you have provided to them on the client, without any request to the server. Additionally the provided context menu allows them to easily hide or display columns as well
  • Insert, update and delete

    Allow the user to create, update, or even delete data from your underlying data source. Edit forms can be presented in-line, in-form, or in a pop-up, allowing you to grant the user with the exact user experience they are looking for. You can even do batch updates.
  • Hierarchy

    Quickly create an N-level hierarchical Grid to represent your data. This hierarchy can be setup using both server driven and HTML5  driven approaches, ensuring that you can implement the hierarchical Kendo UI Grid component in any application.
  • Editing: batch, inline, popup and custom editor

    You can enable automatic data editing for the Telerik Kendo UI Grid when it’s bound to a DataSource control like SqlDataSource, LinqDataSource, EntityDataSource, etc. or use the extensive API to handle the CRUD operations in a custom manner. Display the edit form inline, as a regular form, or in a popup. Enable batch editing to allow users to edit multiple items and save them all by hitting the Save button just once.

  • Page, sort, filter, and group data

    Page, sort, filter, and even group your data using the intuitive interface of the Kendo UI Grid component. Using a few easy-to-implement properties, any Grid can have this rich user experience.
  • Data-binding: local, remote, Everlive

    Use any declarative data source control (AccessDataSource, SqlDataSource, LinqDataSource, EntityDataSource, ObjectDataSource, XmlDataSource, OpenAccessDataSource), or bind the grid to your custom objects on the fly. Take advantage of the server events, which are executed only when the grid needs to get fresh data from the server. Declarative and programmatic client-side binding to ASP.NET Web Services, WCF, ADO.NET, OData services and Page Methods is also supported. Whether you want to use local data, or to serve your data via calls back to the server, you are covered. Out-of-the-box the Telerik Kendo UI Grid can bind to these various sources allowing you to pick the most optimal solution for your implementation.
  • Data Range Selection, Copy and Export

    The Grid supports advanced exporting options, enabling you to extract specific parts of your data. You can choose to export or copy a range of selected cells, combine them with a range of rows or in the form of a chart to match any use case.  

    Telerik UI for JSP Grid Range Selection and Export to Chart
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