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JSP FlatColorPicker

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  • Overview

    The FlatColorPicker in Telerik UI for JSP displays a color-selection panel directly on the page without hiding it behind a popup or another page element. The new component integrates easily into any web content element like forms and editors.  


    See a demo of the UI for JSP FlatColorPicker.

    FlatColorPicker Overview
  • Gradient and Palette Views

    The component offers two different views that enable you to control how the FlatColorPicker is rendered. You can use the gradient view when you want to offer users complete freedom to easily browse for any color flavor. And you can use the palette view when you want to display a limited set of colors.  


  • Contrast Tool

    Good contrast is a critical factor in UI readability and legibility, ensuring access to your UI for all users. For example, the recommended minimum contrast ratio is 4.5:1 while the optimal is 7:1. In order to prevent users from selecting colors that are too similar, the Telerik UI for JSP FlatColorPicker provides a calculator for computing contrast ratios through which users can make the right call. 


  • Disabled

    When you need to make your component immutable, the FlatColorPicker allows you to disable it.  

  • Accessibility

    The FlatColorPicker can be easily accessed and utilized by any user. The component supports the Semantic HTML approach and is compliant with accessibility standards like WCAG, Section 508 and WAI-ARIA attributes for screen readers.  


    Accessibility Improvements
  • Keyboard Navigation

    The control comes with built-in keyboard navigation support, allowing users to seamlessly interact with the flat color picker through their keyboard. 


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