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JSP CircularProgressBar

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  • Overview

    The Telerik UI for JSP CircularProgressBar component visually indicates the progress of an ongoing operation by filling a circle. It includes two states: a finite state, which allows you to visualize the completion portion, and an infinite state, which allows you to animate the progress even when you don’t have an exact estimate of when the task will be completed. The CircularProgressBar comes with templating and coloring features to customize the circular indicator. 


    Try out the UI for JSP CircularProgressBar component.

    CircularProgressBar - Overview
  • Indeterminate Progress

    Sometimes you just don’t know the exact progress of a task or an operation. For those scenarios, you could present the user with an indeterminate value animated by a flowing motion to indicate that the task is running. 


    Indeterminate Progress
  • Template

    Using the template feature, you can easily render custom text or an HTML element in the middle section of the CircularProgressBar. 


  • Progress Colors

    The loading indicator of the CircularProgressBar can be customized with colors that correspond to the task’s progress. You can specify a list of colors and the component will blend them in as it loads further. 


    CircularProgressBar colors
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