Wildcard application identifier supported?

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    Posted 05 Apr 2013 Link to this post

    I have an iOS distribution mobileprovision file configured with a wildcard application identifier (com.mycompany.toolsuite.*)

    I can load this into the Icenium Graphite provision list just fine (Options > Mobile > iOS > Provision List)

    When I create a project and go into properties and set application identifier = "com.mycompany.toolsuite.example" and click on the iOS settings, it says "No applicable codesigning identity available" (and shows my loaded profile in gray with orange exclamation mark icon and when I hover over that it says "No cryptographic identity matches this certificate").

    If I try to run the project on my iOS device (with Icenium Ion installed), Graphite throws an error: "No provision added"

    Are distribution wildcard provision profiles not supported in Icenium Graphite 1.3?
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    Posted 05 Apr 2013 Link to this post

    P.S. I found http://www.icenium.com/community/forums/icenium-graphite-/no-cryptographic-identity-matches-with-this-certificate which mentions importing a development certificate.  Even though I have successfully added my developer cert (following the csr -> cer tutorial), this shouldn't apply to distribution profiles (which don't list individual developer certificates)

    P.P.S. If I create a development provision profile (tied to my developer cert) it deploys the app just fine.  So, it appears I cannot use a distribution App Store provision profile referencing a wildcard App ID for testing purposes.  To be honest, I'd be happy to load no provisions at all and use Icenium Ion for development, but if I have no provisions loaded at all it complains when I try to deploy to my iPhone (with Ion installed) with an error stating "Deployment: No provision added.  Please go to Options > Mobile >iOS and add your provision."  I thought the whole point of Ion was to install an app on a development device WITHOUT having a provision profile.  Did I miss something?
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     For a distribution provision there is a matching distribution certificate. Unlike development certificates, there is only one distribution certificate you can have at any time. However, it's still needed to sign the app. You can create one the same way you create a development certificate, the difference is that the option to do so is in the Distribution tab of the Certificates section of the iOS Provisioning Portal.

     If you want to test your app using Ion, all you need to do is connect your iOS device with Ion installed to your computer with Graphite running. Graphite will pick up Ion's presence and automatically deploy your project in the Ion container and establish LiveSync. You can verify this by making sure that the Ion LiveSync switch for your device in the Devices pane in Graphite is set to ON.

     You only need to use Run On Device the first time you want to deploy a natively packaged build of your app on a device. Once it's deployed Graphite will automatically establish LiveSync with the device whenever it's connected. Any changes to your project files will be automatically applied to all connected devices the moment you click Save - you don't need to go through the Run routine again.

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    Posted 02 May 2013 Link to this post

    When using Ion with Graphite, here are a few gotchas that tripped me up that others may find useful to know:

    1. Instead of opening your project and clicking "Run > On Device" (which will throw a "No provision added" error message), you simply make sure Ion is running (not just installed) on your device and Ion will automatically load the current project

    2. If the current project doesn't load, ensure the devices button (bottom right of Graphite) shows the number of devices connected as a green badge.  If it shows the devices are connected, click on the button and then ensure "Ion LiveSync" is set to "ON" for each device.

    3.  When switching between projects, sometimes Ion doesn't load the new project (or sometimes it loads it on one device but not another connected device).  For large projects you may have to wait 30-60 seconds for the project to initially load on the device.  If waiting longer than a minute, you can either press three fingers on the device to force load the project or open a file, make a minor change and then click Save to force an app update.

    Hope that helps others out there!  Ion is really great.
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