Where can I find a complete list of Fiddler Session Flags?

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    I was wondering whether there was either:

    1. A complete, up-to-date list of all Fiddler session flags, or
    2. A programmatic way to print all valid session flags in Fiddler itself.

    Regarding 1: The online documentation contains a list of 30 session flags, which is less than half of the flags. Appendix C of the 2nd edition of Debugging With Fiddler (which I bought from GumRoad) contains a far more complete list of 67 flags, but also contains the following warning: "The list of supported flags grows with each update to Fiddler." The 2nd edition was released March 2015, and there have been a bunch of updates since then.

    • Have any flags been added since March?

    Regarding 2: This would be cool because it would reduce reliance on documentation (which tends to get out of date) or the book (which is infrequently published). Is there a way to do this?


    On a related note, is there going to be a 3rd edition of Debugging With Fiddler? I was thinking of buying the 2nd edition paperback, but if there's a new one in the works I'd be inclined to buy it when it comes out.


    On an unrelated note: I can't even describe how much I have enjoyed working with Fiddler! I was introduced to it about 6 months ago in a testing job, and I've continually been amazed at its sheer power and extensibility. You've created something absolutely beautiful, and I smile every time I use it. Your efforts in supporting the community (both here, and on StackOverflow) are monumental, and I hope Fiddler continues to blaze forward into the future!

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    Eric Lawrence
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    Hello, Peter--

    Unfortunately, there's no programmatic way to collect Fiddler's flags-- that's one of the key downsides of the otherwise very simple/flexible/powerful preferences model.

    Fiddler flags can be thought of as living in two broad categories, "Documented" and "Undocumented"-- documented flags are those listed in the book and unlikely to be removed, and "Undocumented" flags are those that have been added but not yet documented with the expectation that they are either likely to change in the future or for which it would be inadvisable for users to manually edit.

    Fortunately, it sounds like you've got the Fiddler ebook, which I periodically update with the latest changes to Fiddler. It's rather unlikely that there will be a proper "third edition" of the paperback, but I hope to update the Second Edition ebook every few months. When it updates, you should receive an email from GumRoad, and I'll be sure to mention it on my Twitter account (@ericlaw)

    Thanks for your support!

    Eric Lawrence
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