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    Posted 22 May 2011 Link to this post

    Version: Beta 2011.1.516.2


    While trying out the new 'vb.net' decompiling I noticed some problems with this part of the code:

    If (Module.BlnSaveError AndAlso ActualError.ToLower() <> "not implemented!")
    Dim str1 As String = String.Concat(Application.StartupPath, "\logging.log")
    If (NotFile.Exists(str1))
       <cut out a lot of code>
    End If
    Catch (Dim exception2 As Exception)
    MessageBox.Show(exception2.Message, "Error", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Hand)
    End Try

    1) Although My VB is a little rusty (yes, prefer c# or python myself, but I once worked with VB.NET) , but an if structure needs a 'Then' on the end of the 'if' line

    2) the line

    if (NotFile.Exists(str1))

       the NotFile is missing a space between the Not and the File :)

    And if you decide to do a file.Exists you should put a imports system.IO on top (or change file.exists to system.IO.File.Exists

    3) the line

    Catch (Dim exception2 As Exception)
      gives me an 'end of statement expected'

      something like  
    Catch exception2 as Exception
    should work better

    4) messageboxIcon.Hand is in the original source code actually 'MessageBoxIcon.Error'

    edit: the 4th 'error' also happens when you choose C# as a language...

  2. Chris
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    Posted 27 May 2011 Link to this post

    Hello Nathan,
    Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback. All these issue have been logged and will be fixed in the next internal build of JustDecompile.
    I've added some Telerik points to your account to compensate you for your efforts.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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