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    We are utilizing the ScheduleView control to render our Calendar view (Month, Week, Day views) and allow CRUD on Appointments.  We have created a custom Appointment view model that implements the Telerik IAppointment interface and all other recommendations.  This all seems to be working great!  Now I am trying to override the standard Edit Appointment dialog with my own style and running into some errors. 


    We have a customer requirement for user workflow that requires us to show a "wizard"-type experience when creating and editing appointments.  This has been implemented as a set of sdk:Page objects.  I wish to render these pages within a navigation sdk:Frame in the Edit dialog and use UriMapping to navigate between them within the frame.  This is where I'm running into an issue.  My current style looks like this:

     <Style TargetType="telerik:SchedulerDialog">
      <Setter Property="Template">
          <ControlTemplate TargetType="telerik:SchedulerDialog">
            <sdk:Frame Source="Pages/PlanMeeting/MeetingInformation.xaml"
                        NavigationFailed="PlanMeetingFrame_NavigationFailed"  >
                   <sdk:UriMapping Uri="" MappedUri="/Pages/PlanMeeting/MeetingInformation.xaml"/>
                   <sdk:UriMapping Uri="/PlanMeeting/Information/{meetingId}"
                   <sdk:UriMapping Uri="/PlanMeeting/Attendees/{meetingId}"
                   <sdk:UriMapping Uri="/PlanMeeting/Agenda/{meetingId}"


    As you can see, while I'm creating a variety of UriMappings for navigation, I'm currently trying to just set the Source to an explicit page (I've also tried using my UriMappings to no avail).  When I run the application and launch the Edit Appointment Occurrence dialog, the modal Window launches but doesn't navigate to the intended page within the sdk:Frame.  Instead it replicates the source (Launching) page in the window.  So if my source calendar page is "Pages/Calendar.xaml", then the navigation Uri  of the frame at runtime is "Pages/Calendar.xaml" no matter what I initialize it to in the XAML for the Control Template.


    I've verified this via breakpoints in the Frame_Navigated event handler.


    My question to you - Do you have any idea if the ScheduleView Telerik control or the ScheduleDialog could be enforcing this?  Do you have any ideas on how to achieve what I am attempting, which is basically a custom wizard within the Edit Appointment ScheduleDialog?

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    As an FYI  the issue turned out to be the following:
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