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    Sorry if these are basic questions but I'd appreciate any  answers :
    1) What's the difference between Art of Test, and the Telerik Testing Framework?
    2) To what degree can I expect tests recorded by MS Test Runner (in Microsoft Test Manager) of a page with Telerik ASP.NET Ajax controls to run correctly in Visual Studio Ultimate? Is there a list anywhere of what works and what doesnt? (I know for example that there are problems with RadFormDecorated check boxes.)
    3) Do you basically need to use Art of Test/Telerik Testing Framework if you want to do WebUI testing with the Telerik  ASP.NET Ajax controls ? Is there any documetation on using VS2010 Web UI testing with Telerik ASP.NET Ajax controls ?
    I've been building up some tests using MTM and VS 2010 Ultimate and am starting to get concerned that my Telerik controls are going to get in the way of me using Test Runner to build my tests interactively: I'm afraid I'm not going to be buying the full copy of Test Studio and would be disappointed if this was effectively Telerik's solution.

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    Hi David,

    I apologize for the delay in responding to you. Here are answers to your questions.

    1) Art of Test and the Telerik Testing Framework are the same thing. Art Of Test is simply an earlier name.

    2) Your approach to testing AJAX items on a page should be the same regardless of the test tool you're using: you first need to ensure the AJAX call has completed and populated the elements you're looking to validate or interact with.  Generally you can do this by first invoking a wait condition on the element, then moving to the next step (validation, selection, etc.) You may find this video helpful -- it covers those exact steps. The video's using Test Studio, but the same concepts apply to any AJAX test regardless of the testing tool/framework. http://tv.telerik.com/watch/automated-testing-tools/ajax-working-with-dynamically-loaded-elements

    3) You don't need to use Telerik's test framework with our RadControls. Our Telerik Test Framework provides additional capabilities when working with Telerik controls, but you can follow the same basic guidelines for any AJAX control and successfully write tests with any testing framework. Unfortunately, we don't have any documentation specific to Visual Studio's testing features.

    the Telerik team

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