Testing Framework can be used under WinForms tech?

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    Someone has recommended me to try and use Testing Framework for my purposes, which are login in this wallpaper website http://www.cgwallpapers.com/members/index.php using my user account and then download all the wallpapers, my navigator is Firefox.

    I'm a totally beginner about web automation relateds, then I would like to know some basic things about Testing Framework that are not clear for me even after seen the product video introduction which only shows some expert features (all have to be said).

    1) I cannot get a proper idea of what sort of product Testing Framework is at all, to have a better idea maybe I could say that Testing Framework is a product comparable to Windows UI Automation namespace which its features implemented in a application/library but more powerfull?.

    2) Testing Framework can be used under a WinForms project?, if yes then how to start using it? (I don't see a plugin menu in VS or anything else), there is a beginners example?.

    3) Testing Framework can be used under an WPF project?.

    4) Because Testing Framework is a profesional product, it is oriented also for beginners that maybe does not know the basics of automation, or is only oriented for experts programmers who knows what they are doing and how they can do it? (sincerelly, please).

    5) Testing Framework shoul be capable to perform the task that I mentioned in that website under that navigator?.

    Thanks for read!
  2. Christian
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    I have more questions please if can be solved:

    6) In Testing Studio, after I start recording a test and my navigator opens, how I can stop the recording?, I only see a pause button, the only way I find is to exit from my navigator and also from Testing Studio to let Testing Studio asks me about save the changes.

    7) Testing Studio cannot show the generated code in VB.Net?, this is strange for me because I always use the Telerik online code converter then I wonder there is a setting to show the desired language representation in Testing Studio.

    8) Which is the proper way to generate the code of a Test to insert that generated code in a project?, because the only way I see is to right-click on every step and push "Edit In Code" option, each one by one.

    9) The generated code can be used under a WinForms project?, I'm trying it without success

    These imports that auto generated by Testing Studio seems related to WPF so I cannot be able to use it in WinForms, I've tried to import ALL the Testing Framework dlls but these namespaces are not found under WinForms:

    Imports Telerik.TestingFramework.Controls.KendoUI
    Imports Telerik.WebAii.Controls.Html
    Imports Telerik.WebAii.Controls.Xaml

    Also, the Pages member that is auto generated by Testing Studio (and translated to VB.Net manually by me using Telerik Online Code Conevrter) is not recognized, so I cannot make run the auto generated code at least under WinForms (the only tech that I manage) because this unrecgonized Pages property.

    #Region "[ Dynamic Pages Reference ]"
            Private _pages As Pages
            ''' <summary>
            ''' Gets the Pages object that has references
            ''' to all the elements, frames or regions
            ''' in this project.
            ''' </summary>
            Public ReadOnly Property Pages() As Pages
                    If _pages Is Nothing Then
                        _pages = New Pages(Manager.Current)
                    End If
                    Return _pages
                End Get
            End Property
    #End Region

    10) As a WinForms programmer, which are my alternatives I could have to implement a Testing Framework Test on a WinForms project? It can be done, or I'm loosing my time trying it under WinForms?.
  3. Boyan Boev
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    Hello Chistian,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    1. Here is our online documentation for the Testing Framework. It is a good starting point. 

    2, 3. Unfortunately you cannot use our Testing Framework for WinForms applications.

    4. The Framework can be used by a tester with an intermediate knowledge of programming and automation.

    5. Yes you can test all kind of web sites (HTML, Silverlight).

    6. In the recording mode you can only pause the recorder. In order to stop completely the recording and disconnect the recorder you should close the browser.

    7. When you convert the step into code for the first time Test Studio asks you to choose the language you want to use. After the selection all further converts  within the project will be in the selected language and that cannot be change. 

    8. In Test Studio you can multiselect the steps and click Edit in Code to convert them all into code.

    9. Unfortunately not it can't be used in WinForms project.

    Please let us know if you need further assistance.

    Boyan Boev
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