TelerikTestingFramework-Silverlight Locator Inspecting Issue

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    Hi Team,

    I'm trying to build a framework which follows PageObjectModel using Telerik Testing Framework for Silverlight application on Visual studio.


             I'm not able to inspect the element directly from UI of silverlight application as like in HTML application. so, to identify the locator in DOM I've used Telerik standalone Record and Playback approach so that by using Highlighting tool I'm able to View the DOM of silverlight.

              I've also recorded a step and edit the element through ElementRepository and found a path for a particular field i e like
     (XamlTag=contentpresenter", "name=PART_FieldsContentPresenter1", "|", "XamlTag=TextBox)

     I've used the same path in TTF using XamlFindExpression   as below
    app.Find.ByExpression(new XamlFindExpression("XamlTag=contentpresenter", "name=PART_FieldsContentPresenter1", "|", "XamlTag=TextBox")).User.TypeText("telerik", 10);  //return null
    but here it returns null however I tried with different paths by looking on to DOM at standalone and below one is working fyn
     app.Find.ByName("ContentElement").User.TypeText("telerik", 10);  //able to enter text

    I don't know why it beheaves like this the path(locator) which works in standalone is not works in Telerik Testing Framework. Can you please explain me why it beheave like this and what way it was finding element.  
    please let me know is there any thing that i need to import when finding elements with.ByExpression .

             Below attached is a sample test on silverlight application using TTF find the commented code which was the path stored in Standalone elementrepository.     

  2. Ivaylo
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    Posted 24 Aug 2015 Link to this post


    I am closing this case as duplicate of the following thread:

    Let's keep the communication in one place only.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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