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  1. Chris Weir
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    Apr 2006

    Posted 28 Sep 2006 Link to this post

    Since this is for the good and bad, eventhough most do not take the time to post the good.

    I was having a problem with the exportToExcel functionality of the radGrid, and after a few replies from the support team, they actually connected to my PC to find the cause of the issue. I have never had a third party control developer offer support like that!

    Keep it up,
    Great Controls.
  2. Sean Clifford
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    Posted 30 Sep 2006 Link to this post

    My experience with Telerik has been overwhelmingly positive. Support lagged a bit in the middle of this year, but now it's lightning fast during US business hours.

    The key to obtaining good support is in clearly identifying and demonstrating the problem. Creating a quick example project and clearly identifying the version of the control you're using, your development/qa/deployment environment, and the specific versions of the browsers you're using will go a long way to getting a fast, accurate solution.

    Not only do you get the sample project back, but often you'll get a video. Amazing support guys, really.

    My only minor, minor aggravation is waiting for a new release, which is practically guaranteed to slip a few days without a peep. I'm eagerly awaiting Q3 2006 and this is more of an anticipation thing - like a kid waiting to unwrap his presents on Christmas morning.

    Keep up the fantastic work, y'all.
  3. JohnC
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    Sep 2006

    Posted 01 Oct 2006 Link to this post

    The best support system in the world is the one that is not required. 

    We're a relatively small company and we have clients in over 50 countries and we've worked very hard from day one to carefully categorize all support questions we get.

    We go over that information on a regular basis and based on it try first off the elminate the problem entirely by reworking or improving a feature if it's confusing to people but if that's not possible then creating an FAQ and entry in the documentation for it.

    The goal as always is to elminate entirely the need for anyone to ever request support.

    In my short experience with telerik support I've found the support to be very high quality, often the same sorts of questions in the same areas are asked repeatedly which is a clear sign of something that should go into the manual or faq or online examples (or all three).

    The fundamental drawback so far in getting to know Telerik compoents is the documentation (which is supposed to be greatly improved) which I find very incomplete.

    When I request support I always only do so after having gone over the docs first, then the knowledgebase and forums.

    The problem I'm finding with the manuals and what I mean about incomplete is that they are not very task oriented, they don't seem to focus much on the tasks that people are trying to accomplish but more on just documenting the api (and leaving out quite a bit of that as well).

    I'm not sure the best way to do it, but I would focus on the manuals, going to each major area of every control and focusing on documenting how to accomplish the tasks that people typically ask about on the forums and in support. 

    The only other thing I've not been happy with Telerik is the lack of source code for less than 5 licenses.  I would probably never use it, but I would feel better having it and I'm not sure what the distinction is between 5 licenses or 1.

    Aside from all that though the support has been excellent and really makes Telerik stand out from the crowd. 
  4. Craig Bolon
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    Jun 2006

    Posted 02 Oct 2006 Link to this post

    October 2, 2006

    Our experience is similar to that reported by John Cardinal, as Telerik's support staff will recognize from the many requests for documentation. Telerik's support has been consistently strong and helpful, but it is also expensive at US$ 500/year on a base package price of US$ 800. That is a 63 percent rate in an industry with a 20 to 30 percent norm. Over time Telerik should be able to reduce the burden of support with more thorough documentation.

    Right now we are anxiously awaiting the 2006 Q3 release, still described in the "support roadmap" with the statement "r.a.d.controls Q3 release is scheduled for end of September 2006." Telerik's previous techniques for selection from large lists have been rejected in usability testing, and we are hoping that AJAX-supported scrolling to be improved in r.a.d.grid 4.0 will do the job. There has been no beta for this, so we do not yet know whether it will work for our products.

    -- Craig Bolon
       Brookline, MA, USA
  5. Vassil
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    Posted 06 Oct 2006 Link to this post

    Thanks for your feedback!

    - Our goal is also not to have repetitive problems. We also categorize all customer communication very carefully and if more than 2 people request something or complain from something specific, we address it either in the product or in the supporting resources. As you can imagine, with a diverse portfolio as ours, sometimes we simply don't have the physical capability to improve all weak points overnight. We are, however, consistently working on our weak points.
    - Documentation: yep, that has always been a weak point and that's why we've invested a lot of effort in taking things to a new level. If you take the grid, menu, treeview and combobox manuals, that's where we want to be with all products. Speaking of documentation, do you find any improvement in Q3? What products do you think need the greatest improvement? It'd be great to get some specific insights.
    - Source: it's not a drawback anymore:) Customers told us they need it. And we delivered. You can check my latest post about this:

    - Virtual scrolling was improved greatly. I myself have been testing it the feature as we are using the grid intrnally and, just like your users, I wasn't particularly thrilled with our implementation. Right now, it behaves much better and I hope you will like the changed behavior.
    - Renewal rate: the renewal cost is 50% of the developer license with Subscription priced at $999 and if you compare it with other those of the other major players in the industry you will see that it is one of the lowest ones. I would like to stress here that customers get a lot more than just support - all people that have a Subscription get a free year of updates. That's 4 quarterly releases with several major updates and new products every single Q. As we've always valued your decision to select us, we've always done our best to provide a good ROI on your investments in telerik software. Just as an example, current r.a.d.controls for ASP.NET Subscription holders will get the Windows Forms UI controls free of charge once they are officially available.

    All the best,
    the telerik team
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