redirection to localhost not working in but working in 4.6.2

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    I have some redirection code in my test automation that does not work when FiddlerCore is referenced.

    When I update to 4.6.2 (through Install-Package into my .csproj) the redirection starts to work.


    1) Did something change between to 4.6.2 to affect WS traffic to localhost?

    2) Is there a better way to code this and make it work with




    I have a question in stackoverflow, fyi..


    Basically, my need is:


    Redirect https tunnel traffic to https://localhost:8444 from my prod endpoint.The CONNECT has an upgrade to WebSocket and the HTTPS traffic is through WS messages.

    My automation code:

            /// <summary>
            /// Thread function to start fiddlercore and initialize event handlers
            /// </summary>        
            private static void FiddlerMocking()
                    // Set up FiddlerCore and its handlers
                    // Hook up our callbacks
                    Fiddler.FiddlerApplication.BeforeRequest += delegate (Session session)
                        Console.WriteLine("BEGIN-" + session.fullUrl);
                        if (session.fullUrl.Contains(""))
                            if (session.HTTPMethodIs("CONNECT"))
                                log.Comment("CONNECT---" +;
                                session.oFlags["x-replywithtunnel"] = "GenerateTunnel";
                            else if (session.HTTPMethodIs("GET"))
                                log.Comment("GETBEFORE---" +;
                       = "";
                                log.Comment("GETAFTER---" +;
                            Console.WriteLine("IGNORING-" + session.fullUrl);
                            // following will not work in but will work in 4.6.2

                    Fiddler.FiddlerApplication.OnValidateServerCertificate +=

                                        new   System.EventHandler<ValidateServerCertificateEventArgs>(CheckCert);
                    Fiddler.CONFIG.IgnoreServerCertErrors = true;

                    // This is to bypass traffic related to iframe
                    Fiddler.CONFIG.sHostsThatBypassFiddler = "https://*";

                    var rand = new Random();

                    Fiddler.FiddlerApplication.Startup(rand.Next(9100, 9900),
                        FiddlerCoreStartupFlags.DecryptSSL |
                        FiddlerCoreStartupFlags.MonitorAllConnections |
                        FiddlerCoreStartupFlags.RegisterAsSystemProxy |

                    // Enable HTTPS capture and add session handlers


    Please help.



  2. Petya
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    Hi Amrendra,

    Version was released in 2012 and yes, numerous things have changed between those two versions including improvements in the WebSocket support (take a look at the change log: My recommendation would be to upgrade to a newer version of FiddlerCore, ideally the latest 5.0 to take advantage of the most recent additions, especially since you already have the scenario you want to achieve running in a recent version.

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