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    Hi. I'm doing a C# project with FiddlerCore that modify the content of a website. The project work, I can add or modify content of the websites. The problem is when I trying to modify a site that do video stream. the video take many time to load and when im not running the project with fiddlerCore the videos load instantly. This happen with many videos stream sites but not for all, for example youtube work fine. Im checking the this happens even if FiddlerApplication_BeforeResponse dont have any code. but when I comment oSession.bBufferResponse = true; in BeforeRequest, the problem disapear.

    I'm the only one with this  problem ?
    I'm doing like this:


    static void FiddlerApplication_BeforeResponse(Session oSession)

    static void FiddlerApplication_BeforeRequest(Session oSession)
        oSession.bBufferResponse = true;

    FiddlerApplication.BeforeRequest += FiddlerApplication_BeforeRequest;
    FiddlerApplication.BeforeResponse += FiddlerApplication_BeforeResponse;


    Thanks you !

  2. Eric R | Senior Technical Support Engineer
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    Posted 27 Aug 2019 Link to this post

    Hi Mat,

    This is the expected behavior. By default, Fiddler buffers request and response traffic. Although, Audio/Video response traffic is streamed automatically.

    The reason the problem disappears is the oSession.bBufferResponse flag is forcing all response traffic to buffer and by commenting the flag, this allows it to stream. Note that streamed requests and responses cannot be modified using Fiddler Inspectors. 

    To determine whether a given response was streamed, test the Session's BitFlags using the following code in the OnBeforeResponse event.

    bool bWasStreamed = oSession.isFlagSet(SessionFlags.ResponseStreamed);

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thank you.


    Eric R | Technical Support Engineer
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