Possible HtmlFindExpression bug

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  1. Martin
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    Posted 21 May 2012 Link to this post


    I think I have found a bug in the HtmlFindExpressions either that or I have stared my self completely blind on a obvious problem and in any case i need somebody to review and help :)

    I have a HtmlFindExpression that I belive should do the same as a XPATH I have created, the problem is that my XPATH works but my HtmlFindExpression only find 1 item(Expected 10). I have created some test code below and put some areas around the blocks.

    Explation of areas:
    Finding elements with xpath which works as expected
    Problem: none

    Finding elements with pure HtmlFindExpression.
    Problem: Finds 1 element instead of 10

    Attempting to find the element by putting xpath inside a HtmlFindExpression.
    Problem: Telerik throws error that it doesn't support hierarchal dependency in HtmlFindExpressions, but there isn't a hierarchal dependency in this xpath.

    NOTE: Added a screenshot of the result i get.

    Thread.Sleep(10000); // Didn't bother with a real wait.
    // Expected count is 10
    // Area1
    // Test with XPATH: This seems to work
    Console.WriteLine("AREA1 ** START **");
    string xpath = "//li[contains(@class,'postItem') and @data-url]";
    ReadOnlyCollection<Element> collection = ActiveBrowser.Find.AllByXPath(xpath);
    Console.WriteLine("XPATH find all as element count: " + collection.Count);
    ReadOnlyCollection<HtmlListItem> collection1 = ActiveBrowser.Find.AllByXPath<HtmlListItem>(xpath);
    Console.WriteLine("XPATH find all as HtmlListItem count: " + collection1.Count);
    Console.WriteLine("AREA1 ** END **");
    // Area2
    // Test with HtmlFindExpression: This finds nothing
    Console.WriteLine("AREA2 ** Start **");
    HtmlFindExpression findExp = new HtmlFindExpression("tagname=li", "class=~postItem", "innermarkup=~data-url");
    ReadOnlyCollection<Element> collection4 = ActiveBrowser.Find.AllByExpression(findExp);
    Console.WriteLine("HtmlFindExpression find all as element count: " + collection4.Count);
    ReadOnlyCollection<HtmlListItem> collection5 = ActiveBrowser.Find.AllByExpression<HtmlListItem>(findExp);
    Console.WriteLine("HtmlFindExpression find all as HtmlListItem count: " + collection5.Count);
    Console.WriteLine("AREA2 ** END **");
    // Area3
    // Test with XPATH inside HtmlFindExpression: This is misinterpreted
    Console.WriteLine("AREA3 ** Start **");
    HtmlFindExpression findExp1 = new HtmlFindExpression("xpath=//li[contains(@class,'postItem') and @data-url]");
    ReadOnlyCollection<Element> collection2 = ActiveBrowser.Find.AllByExpression(findExp1);
    ReadOnlyCollection<HtmlListItem> collection3 = ActiveBrowser.Find.AllByExpression<HtmlListItem>(findExp1);
    Console.WriteLine("AREA3 ** END **");
  2. Answer
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    Posted 24 May 2012 Link to this post

    Hello Martin,

    Thank you for the code and sample site.

    Area 2
    The Find Expression is using InnerMarkup. InnerMarkup returns the text content from the selected node, plus all markup in the selected node's children. You don’t get the selected node’s markup — only its text. You’ll get full markup for everything below the selected text.

    I changed it to OuterMarkup and it correctly returned 10 elements:

    HtmlFindExpression findExp = new HtmlFindExpression("tagname=li", "class=~postItem", "outermarkup=~data-url");

    See here for more information on validation content element types.

    Area 3
    We're not sure why this isn't working as expected. I filed a bug on that error and you can find the PITS Issue here: Public URL. In the meantime just stick with the approach in Area 1.

    the Telerik team
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  3. Martin
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    Posted 25 May 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Anthony

    Thanks for the input, changing to outermarkup seems to work, so it was just a case of my staring my self blind on the issue :).

    Regarding area3:
    It seems to actually work as well once I changed to outermarkup, my guess is HtmlFindExpressions sees innerMarkup as a heirarchy
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