Not all traffic from same browser and host showing in fiddler

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    Dear All,


    I´ve been really happy with fiddler since a few days ago where I started using it.

    Till this point it all made sense to me, installing an SSL certificate and seeing the content of all packages. 

    But I then realized that the host where I receive packets from, some communication wasn´t showing in fiddler, being a channel through which information is being pushed through to the client. Not sure how this is done, by simple keeping a communications port open, or by that the client on a very frequent basis checks if the host has anything new. 

    The packets that I was succesful in looking at in Fiddler all were based around client sending parameters to the server, and getting responses back.

    So what I did was to log in commview, wireshark and omnipeek at the same as doing it in fiddler during times were the packages presumably not showing fiddler were sent.

    This is what I found out: 

    Https packages sent from IP adresses on the same domain (for instance, the data visible in fiddler comes from x.x.x.220, where the others are from x.x.x.221 and x.x.x.222) are showing in the other monitors, but never in fiddler. I would think that they contain the missing packages.

    Next thing I did was to save them in different pcap formats from wireshark and import them to fiddler, but with no luck: Fiddler just shows a blank screen where packages normally would be showing. The imported files are 41 kb, and import fine back into wireshark, so nothing´s wrong with them.

    I have tried this without any filters, but the result is the same.

    Also, I have hardly changed anything to fiddlers configuration. It´s using the system proxy.

    Finally, I amended the settings of firefox in order to work with fiddler, which works fine but the problem also happens when connecting to the website (it´s all done in the browser) from google chrome.

    What could be wrong, and what can be done to resolve this?


    Thanks in advance!


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    Posted 06 Nov 2017 in reply to J Link to this post

    Ok, so I got a bit further with this. What´s not showing is websocket traffic. Also, I don´t have the websocket button that according to the manual should be there by default.


    My version is 4.6.20173.38786

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