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Multilevel tests

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Deepa asked on 30 Dec 2016, 03:20 PM


I am trying to create a multilevel test for entering 100 records for a Client profile table through 3 different pages(each having some 30-40 fields) in a sequence.

Scenario (created a driver script for this) -

1. Login and initialize application

2. Call Test A (parent test - data bound to 100 records in excel)

3. Logout


Steps in Test A

1. Enter data in Page1 and continue to Pg2(Test B1)

2. Enter data in Page2 and continue to Pg3(Test B2)

3. Enter data in Page3 and continue to Pg4(Test B3)

4. Enter data in Page4 and continue to Pg4(Test B4)

5. Enter data in Page5 and save record(Test B5)

6. Navigate back to Page 1 for next iteration


My issue is:

1. Data for Test B1, B2 .. B5 are in 5 different sheets in excel. And I can bind the parent TestA to only one sheet at a time. So I consolidated all of them into one sheet. Is there any other solution to this?

2. InheritParentDatasource set to True for Tests B1-B5. Even after binding all the variable manually in the child tests, they are not entering the values from the parent table when the test is run

eg- Enter text in "ClientProfilePersonNameBirthNameTest" - DataDriven : [$(BirthName)] is shown when I bind the step in Test B1 to the BirthName variable coming from TestA but it doesn't actually enter that value during runtime. Iteration 1 in runtime log shows the value in this variable so its available to Test B1

Can you tell what the issue might be?




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Boyan Boev
Telerik team
answered on 02 Jan 2017, 12:32 PM
Hello Deepa,

This is a duplicate of your other post.

Please let's continue the discussion there.

Thank you!

Boyan Boev
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Boyan Boev
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