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Licensing Compliance | Build Server deployment

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Michael asked on 22 Aug 2014, 05:36 PM

My team is looking at what is required to keep in compliance with the license agreement when compiling on the build server and I'm receiving initial push back from our build engineers, stating they do not normally install third party frameworks on the build machine. 

Understood stipulations:
  • Our VS Test projects will not be released externally (only consumed / executed internally)
  • We, as a corporation, have an active support contract with Telerik.
I've reviewed the following forum posts, and Visio but am still unclear / have clarifying (possibly novice) questions: Questions:
  1. Is it possible to include the required WebAii dlls (or all if required for compliance) in a "dependencies" folder in our project, *solely* for compilation purposes, with the expectation that consumers within our team have Telerik Testing Framework locally installed for execution?  (Essentially checking the binaries into source control and referencing them from within the source control location)
  2. Is there a NuGet alternative so we can reference the NuGet package and have the solution dynamically reference the NuGet package.

I'm still pursuing discussions with our build engineers to implement at the Visio lays out, but if Telerik can provide clarification on what is / is not acceptable, it would be very appreciated.


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Telerik team
answered on 27 Aug 2014, 12:39 AM
Hello Michael,

Let me address the technical side of things first:
  • In order for a machine to be able to either build a Test Studio project and/or execute a Test Studio test, some version of Test Studio must be actively installed on that machine. Just copying the DLL's is not sufficient. Some of our DLL's must be registered with Windows before they can be located and used during the build process.

    Whether it be the full Test Studio (Ultimate or Functional) or our Runtime edition doesn't really matter. Either edition will meet the needs for building and running tests.
  • No there is no NuGet package option.

From a legal licensing side of things:
Test Studio is licensed on a "per machine" basis. Legally you may install it on as many machines as you like, but only activate it on the number of machines for which you have licenses for. Purchase 5 licenses allows you to activate up to 5 machines (even if the software is installed but dormant on 1000+ machines).

This rule is the same for all editions of Test Studio.

So bottom line, yes unfortunately you must install a version of Test Studio on at least one build server if you want the ability to be able to compile Test Studio tests.

Does the above clear up the confusion?

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