Identifying how User credentials are passed to server using Fiddler.

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    Posted 17 Feb 2014 Link to this post

    Hi Everyone  ,

    I am a BI developer who is moderate experience on C# . I am very a frequent visitor to MSDN forums page , every time i go to web browser to login for seeing recent questions and replies in different languages. Recently i have an idea of developing an WindowsPhone for reviewing these forums in my mobile . 
    I thought of implementing  this using RSS feeds of  MSDN forums . I am able to display the content from the forums to my windows App , but i am facing a challenge to provide the ability to user for replying a thread in forums or to a post a new question in forums . As this action requires a login to Microsoft account and this account would validate the authentication of user to perform those actions .

      So i thought Fiddler would help to find out how the request is going to server when i login using my Microsoft account in MSDN forums.  But i am not able figure out how to comprehend this information out of Fiddler . Please find the below snapshot that i got from Fiddler .  As far i understood ,the below highlighted text in Fiddler output is the page which is using to make commuincation to server from my local box .

    Please suggest me way to find out how the Microsoft user name and password as being passed to server from my localbox , So that i can use that page in my WindowsPhone  app to make my requirement works.

    Thanks in advance  . Any idea would be greatly appreciated.  
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    Posted 17 Feb 2014 in reply to Nedunuri Link to this post

    I don't think I understand your question. Your screenshot shows that the password is passed as a POST parameter to the webservice. You partially blurred out this password text in blue which suggests to me that you already noticed the password there?

    I believe that Microsoft released a public SDK for the Live Login service that would abstract all of these details away such that you don't need to manually issue HTTPS requests yourself; using the SDK would also ensure that your code continues to work in the future when Microsoft changes the way that their service works (say by adding or renaming parameters sent in the POST data).

  3. Nedunuri
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    Posted 17 Feb 2014 in reply to EricLaw Link to this post

    Sorry my writing is not understandable to u . Basically i want to develop an Windows Phone app for MSDN forums .So i need Live ID authentication to enable user to post a reply/ Post a new question . 

    Yeah i am looking for that kind of SDK where can be used in my App to authenticate the  user. Can this SDK be used in WindowsApp to allow user to posting an reply to a thread ? . 
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