How to use BalloonStyle and BalloonData?

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  1. Fabrice Marguerie
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    Posted 25 Aug 2010 Link to this post

    Could someone please provide a code sample that shows how to use the MapPinPoint.BalloonStyle and MapPinPoint.BalloonData properties?
    I haven't found anything about these properties.
  2. Andrey
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    Posted 26 Aug 2010 Link to this post

    Hi Fabrice Marguerie,

    The MapPinPoint.BalloonStyle and MapPinPoint.BalloonData properties are used for internal purposes of the KML reader. You can use these properties in your application. The BalloonStyle sets appearance of the tooltip will be shown for MapPinPoint. The BalloonStyle.Text property specifies template of the tooltip as XHTML fragment (only <p>, <b> and <font> elements are supported currently). For example:

            <body bgcolor="#000000" width="100%">
                <p><b><font color="#000000">$[PERIMETER/displayName]:</font></b> <font color="#000000">$[PERIMETER]</font></p>              
                    <p><b><font color="#000000">$[DAYADM/displayName]:</font></b> <font color="#000000">$[DAYADM]</font></p>                
                    <p><b><font color="#000000">$[ORDERADM/displayName]:</font></b> <font color="#000000">$[ORDERADM]</font></p>
                    <p><b><font color="#000000">$[MONTHADM/displayName]:</font></b> <font color="#000000">$[MONTHADM]</font></p>
                    <p><b><font color="#000000">$[AREA/displayName]:</font></b> <font color="#000000">$[AREA]</font></p>                
                    <p><b><font color="#000000">$[STATE/displayName]:</font></b> <font color="#000000">$[STATE]</font></p>              
                    <p><b><font color="#000000">$[YEARADM/displayName]:</font></b> <font color="#000000">$[YEARADM]</font></p>              
                    <p><b><font color="#000000">$[STATEFIPS/displayName]:</font></b> <font color="#000000">$[STATEFIPS]</font></p>              
                    <p align="center"><font size='14' face='arial' color="#0099FF">Powered by GeoCommons</font></p>

     The BalloonData sets data that will be shown in the tooltip. This data must be represented as KML <ExtendedData> element. For example:

        <Data name='PERIMETER'>
        <Data name='DAYADM'>
            <displayName><![CDATA[Day Admitted]]></displayName>
        <Data name='ORDERADM'>
            <displayName><![CDATA[Order Admitted]]></displayName>
        <Data name='MONTHADM'>
            <displayName><![CDATA[Month Admitted]]></displayName>
        <Data name='AREA'>
        <Data name='STATE'>
            <displayName><![CDATA[State Name]]></displayName>
        <Data name='YEARADM'>
            <displayName><![CDATA[Year Admitted]]></displayName>
        <Data name='STATEFIPS'>
            <displayName><![CDATA[Day Admitted]]></displayName>

    Andrey Murzov
    the Telerik team
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  3. Fabrice Marguerie
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    Posted 30 Aug 2010 Link to this post

    Thank you.
    I didn't know these properties where designed for KML. You should add this information to the documentation since these properties are public.

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