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Ryan asked on 03 Oct 2021, 10:44 PM | edited on 03 Oct 2021, 10:55 PM

Alright so, In my application, i am currently using:

 oSession.utilReplaceInResponse(".canUseService=function(a,b,c){", ".canUseService=function(a,b,c){return true;");

However, after this is used; the original file can be seen using the default cached file, virtually being able to see all the changes I have done. This is a security issue for me. and since i'll be using the file after the replaces have been done, is there a way to essentially clear the cache of the file after using util replaceinreponse...


What I Need is is this:


1. Replacementsinresponse occurs

2. cache cleared, meaning that the changes you made are what is running and if you were to reload the browser, then the original is back

3. If cache is cleared, then the browser's cannot show the "Modified Responses"

EDIT: While running the changes in the browser, i cleared cached. The Modified changes were still running, yet when you open the url for the original document, it no longer shows the modified responses; which means that we can clear the cache while still running the page.


Nick Iliev
Telerik team
commented on 05 Oct 2021, 09:59 AM

So basically, you are modifying a response and changing the cached content through the modification. And then you want to clear the cache (while the page is still open) and then re-issue the same request (that modifies the response) and not to see the modified response!? Could you elaborate more about your end goal - I might have misunderstood the whole scenario?

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