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How to avoid the cache or concurrency in telerik data access ORM?

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xixi asked on 02 Aug 2014, 03:32 AM
Now I want to calculate the average concentration of pm2.5 these days in each city through stored procedure .The first input parameter of the stored procedure is cityname string like Beijing,NewYork,and the other input parameters are beginTime and endTime.And the output class is called AvgPM25.
public class AvgPM25{
public String CityName{get;set;}
public decimal AvgValue{get;set;}

I pass parameters like 
,it calculate and output the result.Now my problem is sometimes I try to change the parameters like search time,and the input parameters are like 
,but it still output the result which is the previous search result.Is this problem due to the cache or concurrentcy?I try to set identity of 'CityName' of the AvgPM25 class property to be True,and set the cache policy to be NoCache,and set the concurrency mode to be Changed but still have this problem?How to fix it?
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