Getting error after adding RadDataFilter to RedGrid

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    Getting error following error in  NotifyPropertyChanged.
    Debugging resource strings are unavailable. Often the key and arguments provide sufficient information to diagnose the problem. See

    My data source is :




    <AuditAssignment> _auditAssignments;




    ObservableCollection<AuditAssignment> AuditAssignments










    return _auditAssignments;










    if (_auditAssignments != value)



    _auditAssignments =











    XAML code:










    telerik:RadDataFilter Name="radDataFilter"




    Grid.Row="1" Grid.ColumnSpan="5"









    MinHeight="193" MaxHeight="250" Width="700"









    Source="{Binding Items, ElementName=radGridView}"









    Margin="1" >




















    <i:EventTrigger EventName="Loaded">










    <ei:CallMethodAction MethodName="radDataFilter_Loaded" TargetObject="{Binding}" />








































    <!--Red Grid-->










    <telerik:RadGridView x:Name="radGridView" Grid.Row="2" Grid.ColumnSpan="5"









    AutoGenerateColumns="False" ItemsSource="{Binding Path=AuditAssignments, Mode=OneWay}">




















    <telerik:GridViewDataColumn DataMemberBinding="{Binding CustomerID}"









    Header="Policy Number" UniqueName="Policy Number" IsGroupable="False" />










    <telerik:GridViewDataColumn DataMemberBinding="{Binding AssignmentStartDate}"









    Header="Assignment StartDate" UniqueName="AssignmentStartDate" IsGroupable="False" />










    <telerik:GridViewDataColumn DataMemberBinding="{Binding AssignmentEndDate}"









    Header="Assignment EndDate" UniqueName="AssignmentEndDate" IsGroupable="False" />










    <telerik:GridViewDataColumn DataMemberBinding="{Binding ClassCodesCount}"









    Header="Class Codes Count" UniqueName="ClassCodesCount" IsGroupable="False" />










    <telerik:GridViewDataColumn DataMemberBinding="{Binding MaxExMod}"









    Header="Max ExMod" UniqueName="MaxExMod" IsGroupable="False" />


























    For datafilter events written code in view model





    void radDataFilter_Loaded(object sender, System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs e)





    AuditTracking auditTracking = null;




    if(AuditTracking.SelectedView is AuditTracking)


    auditTracking =


    AuditTracking.SelectedView as AuditTracking;




    RadDataFilter dataFilter = auditTracking.radDataFilter;





    int count = dataFilter.FilterDescriptors.Count;




    int zero = 0;




    if (count == zero)





    // String filter.









    FilterDescriptor nameFilter = new FilterDescriptor("CustomerID", FilterOperator.Contains, "1", true);





    // DateTime filter.









    FilterDescriptor dateFilter = new FilterDescriptor("AssignmentStartDate", FilterOperator.IsGreaterThan, new DateTime(2007, 5, 1));



    Also please suggest way of getting filter control object in view model. I have done it by creating public property in View. That is not good way I know.

  2. Manoj
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    Aug 2011

    Posted 26 Aug 2011 Link to this post

    Never mind. I have resolved it.
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