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    I am trying to get the tool tip value of the a grid cell, but ideally I am not getting the tool tip value, it even becomes very tough when I try to get the tooltip value of a grid when the grid contains calendar control or combobox control in the grid cell, I have written different functions to get the tool tip value when the gridcell contain combobox or calendar. Or simple textbox for that matter. None of them are working …Can you please help me to resolve this Automation…This is very Critical in my Test Case Evaluation…


            public string GetGridCellToolTip(string gridName, int row, int column)


                IGridControl gridControl = controlFinder.FindGridx(gridName);

                return gridControl.GetGridCellToolTipText(row, column);







            /// <summary>

            /// Get the tool tip text in the cell designated by the given row and column.

            /// </summary>

            /// <param name="row">The cell row.</param>

            /// <param name="column">The cell column.</param>

            /// <returns>The tool tip value of the cell.</returns>

            public string GetGridCellToolTipText(int row, int column)


                //radGridView.Wait.For(f => f.As<RadGridView>().Rows.Count > 0);

                return radGridView.Rows[row].Cells[column].ToolTipText;



  2. Stoich
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    Hello Abi,
        tooltips Verifications can be challenging to automate. The main problem is there's no standard way of implementing tooltips. Check out the following KB article which explains some of the basic concepts

    Let me know if you're still unable to get this resolved.

    the Telerik team
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