Fiddler do not display traffic between 2 web service on .netCore

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    Step to reproHi,

    I've got some problem tracing reauest between web application. I describe below how to reproduce.
    Hope you can help me :)

    Visual Studio 2017

    Step to reproduce:

    - Launch a first Instance of Visual Studio, File -> New -> Project -> .Net Core -> ASP.NET Core Web Application -> OK -> Web APi -> OK.
    Go into properties of Web Application, tab Debug, and get the App Url.
    Example: instance 1 : http://localhost:58557/

    - Launch a second instance of Visual Studio, and do the same as step 1.
    Example: instance 2 : http://localhost:50214/

    - In first instance, go in file Controllers -> ValuesCOntroller
    Replace first method by this code :
            // GET api/values
            public IEnumerable<string> Get()
                WebProxy proxy = new WebProxy("", false);
                HttpClientHandler handler = new HttpClientHandler()
                    Proxy = proxy,
                    UseProxy = true,
                    PreAuthenticate = true,
                    UseDefaultCredentials = true,
                HttpClient httpClient = new HttpClient(handler);
                //HttpClient httpClient = new HttpClient();
                var t = httpClient.GetAsync("http://localhost:50214/api/values").Result.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();
                return new string[] { "value1", "value2" };

    Be careful, replace http://localhost:50214 with the URL of your second instance.
    This code will call second instance using proxy

    - Launch Fiddler, and check that proxy is correctly enabled and set to

    - Launch both instance of web application.

    - Call first Web Application using IE, postman or whatever... GET http://localhost:58557/api/values

    - In fiddler, you'll see one line :
    1    200    HTTP    localhost:58557    /api/values    30        application/json; charset=utf-8    postman:9972    

    - The call to the second web application is not visible.


  2. Vincent
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    Posted 23 Jan 2018 Link to this post

    The solution is to launch solutions on IIS, and use the local machine name instead.





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