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  1. Hong
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    Posted 29 Jan 2014 Link to this post

    I essentially copied the code from a Telerik document to test the animation.  setting the Duration does not have any effect.  The animation always finishes in about a second. The following is the code:

                RadScaleMoveAndRotateAnimation scaleMoveRotateAnimation = this.Resources["scaleMoveRotateAnimation"] as RadScaleMoveAndRotateAnimation;
                scaleMoveRotateAnimation.ScaleAnimation.StartScaleX = 0.1;
                scaleMoveRotateAnimation.ScaleAnimation.EndScaleX = 1.0;
                scaleMoveRotateAnimation.ScaleAnimation.StartScaleY = 0.1;
                scaleMoveRotateAnimation.ScaleAnimation.EndScaleY = 1.0;
                scaleMoveRotateAnimation.MoveAnimation.StartPoint = new Point(0, 0);
                scaleMoveRotateAnimation.MoveAnimation.EndPoint = new Point(100, 100);
                scaleMoveRotateAnimation.RotateAnimation.Axes = PerspectiveAnimationAxis.X;
                scaleMoveRotateAnimation.RotateAnimation.CenterX = 0.5;
                scaleMoveRotateAnimation.RotateAnimation.StartAngleX = 360;
                scaleMoveRotateAnimation.RotateAnimation.EndAngleX = 0;
                scaleMoveRotateAnimation.RotateAnimation.Direction = PerspectiveAnimationDirection.CounterClockwise;
                scaleMoveRotateAnimation.Duration = new Duration(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(10000));
                if (scaleMoveRotateAnimation != null)
                    RadAnimationManager.Play(LayoutRoot.Children[0], scaleMoveRotateAnimation);
  2. Victor
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    Posted 03 Feb 2014 Link to this post

    Hi Hong,

    Thanks for writing.
    The animation you are using is an animation group. In order to customize the duration you have to tweak its child animations. They can be accessed via the Children property. It is a collection of RadAnimation objects. Your animation consists of three children so feel free to set their durations as required.
    Please write again if you have other questions.

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  3. Hong
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    Posted 03 Feb 2014 in reply to Victor Link to this post

    Thank you, Victor, for the clarification.  

  4. angelascott
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    Posted 09 Sep 2014 Link to this post

    Thank you for your reply.
  5. Adriana
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    Posted 05 May 2016 Link to this post

    I Think This is Solved , if not then i have a solution
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