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Display Long Text as Content - Issue after Q2 2011 Upgrade
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Divya asked on 10 Oct 2011, 11:45 AM

In our project we have couple of scenario's where we display long text as content for RadWindow (in Modal mode). The Window size was like 80 percent to the parent window. The extra text used to get truncated. (2010_display.jpg)

Now after the upgrade, the same window appears extented to the entire length of the parents screen (unable to see the Close . Maximize button in the end. Just a long message running beyond the length of the screen). (2011_initialstate.jpg)
On clicking the title bar of the RadWindow and moving the window a big, it gets resized and runs through the entire length of the Window. (2011_afterfocus_onradwindow.jpg)

I am attaching the screenshots for your reference.
I used this simple lines of code and tested referring to 2010 Telerik version and 2011 Telerik version. (Two different Solution)




win = new RadWindow();


win.Content =


"this is a test message. this is a test project which uses 2011 Telerik version. This is a new new test. This is created in XAML of main page. this is a long long long very very very long long long message to test if the message is getting wrapped after 2010 and 2011 version";


win.WindowStartupLocation = Telerik.Windows.Controls.





I found that if we use this in window, RestrictedAreaMargin and IsRestricted to true, then the display looks like 2010 display itself.

win.RestrictedAreaMargin =


new Thickness(50);


win.IsRestricted =




Even then it first appears like 2011_initialstate and after resizing it looks like 2010_display. I want to know how to directly render it like 2010_Display, without having a need to click the window (then only it gets into correct shape).

my issue is very easy to replicate. Do let me know if you cannot. I will attach a sample solution.
Note : It will be very appreciated, if additional solution of how to wrap the text (without using Textblock) or provide a scrollbar within the RadWindow so that all the text can be seen. )

Divya S Selvan

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Telerik team
answered on 11 Oct 2011, 03:32 PM
Hello Divya,

We have fixed some issues concerning the sizing of the RadWindow to its content. They will be included in the internal build next Monday.

Please try with this version and let us know if you still experience some issues.

Best wishes,
the Telerik team
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