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    When I use Fiddler2 as a autoresponder (simple web server) I would like to see which requests are done in which http connection (i.e. Keepalive). I can add the column "ClientPipeStatus" which will give me "new" or "reused" and I can also see new sessions/reused sesions in the timeline view marked with a dot.

    But I have'nt found an attribute which would stay consistent inbetween requests (like the "connection number" or "connection start time") or which would be a "this is request x in the connection". Are there any columns I could add to get the chain between requests based on client connections?

     When used in Proxy mode, is there a gurantee that the connections to the server are used in the same way the client reuses them to send requests?

  2. Eric Lawrence
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    Hello, Bernd--

    Fiddler's Timeline tab set to Client Pipe Map mode is the simplest way to visually see which requests were on sent on which reused client connection. To see similar information in the Web Sessions list, your best bet would be to add a column showing the Session Flag named X-ClientPort.

    No, there's no guarantee that Fiddler will reuse connections to the server in the same way that the client uses them to send requests. Inside the OnPeekAtResponseHeaders method, you could add code like:

      if ((null != oSession.oResponse) && (null != oSession.oResponse.pipeServer)) {
        oSession.oResponse.pipeServer.ReusePolicy = PipeReusePolicy.MarriedToClientPipe;

    This will tag the connection to the server such that it cannot be reused except by a request sent on the connection that originally established it.

    Eric Lawrence

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  3. Bernd
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    Posted 07 Apr 2015 in reply to Eric Lawrence Link to this post

    Thanks Eric! The Client-Port is a good idea.
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