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    I've made a method which interacts with Fiddler in C#. The code looks like this:

    using Fiddler; 
    namespace SmartMocks
        public class SmartMocks
            public static void SmartMock(Session oSession, string directoryPath)
            { //etc...
    After referencing the DLL in Fiddler > Options > Extensions, I add the following to the top of FiddlerScript:

    import SmartMocks;

    And then I can call the function in FiddlerScript like this:

    SmartMocks.SmartMocks.SmartMock(oSession, "C:\\SomeFile.txt");

    This works fine. However, I'd like to make SmartMock be an extension method of Fiddler.Session, so that I can use this nicer-looking syntax instead in FiddlerScript:


    I'm not familiar with JScript.NET and how it handles references, so I've been having trouble adding this method to Fiddler.Session. I tried changing the code to an extension like this:

    namespace SmartMocks
        public static class SmartMocks
            public static void SmartMock(this Session oSession, string directoryPath)

    However, when compiling FiddlerScript, calling "oSession.SmartMock("C:\\SomeFile.txt")" gives the error "Objects of type 'Fiddler.Session' do not have such a member".

    My question is:

    • How do you create an extension method to a class (like Fiddler.Session) in JScript.NET?
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    Eric Lawrence
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    Posted 29 Dec 2015 Link to this post

    Hello, Peter--

    As far as I know, extension methods are syntactic sugar supported by the compiler, and JScript.NET has no support for them. If you find out otherwise, please do let me know.

    When I use Fiddler's extension methods for strings (e.g. OICEndsWithAny()) I have to use the basic syntax, e.g.

       StringExtensions.OICEndsWithAny(sMIMEtype, arrMIMEs);

    Eric Lawrence
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