Can't install and open Fiddler Classic.

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Fiddler Classic
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Bobby asked on 05 Jun 2022, 09:13 AM

Hi, first of all, I must warn you that I am a beginner in general computing so if you can help me with a solution, please make it basic. Thanks.

When I try to install Fiddler Classic, halfway through the download, a command line will pop up.

After about 2-5 seconds, the command line will close and a warning message will appear.

I cannot copy and paste the command line popup as it closes too quickly, but I do have a screenshot of it.

The warning message cannot be selected or copied so I will also attach a screenshot of that too.

As the warning says, I have added the installation directory to the PATH environment variable, but it does nothing. 

I may be doing something wrong, but as a non-advanced computer guy, I can't tell.

I have tried to install Fiddler Classic on another computer and no warning or command line popped up, but for reasons, I cannot use that specific laptop. However, this means it is on my end. I have tried reinstalling many times before, to no avail.

Help would be welcome.

Thanks in advance,


Rosen Vladimirov
Telerik team
commented on 08 Jun 2022, 06:09 AM

Hey Bobby,

It seems there's a problem with the .NET Framework installation on your machine. Can you try installing .NET 4.0 and then install Fiddler Classic again.

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Fiddler Classic
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