Can regular expressions or something similar be used in Finds?

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    The Silverlight application I am testing has a popup with the text inside it "Cannot delete ABC." where ABC is the name of the object.

    Doing this works and it finds the popup:
    var foundPopup = popup.VisualTree.Find.ByExpression(new XamlFindExpression("TextContent=Cannot delete ABC"));

    The object isn't always going to be called ABC. I'd like to parameterise it. I was hoping a regular expression or something like that could be used to do this.

    What is the best way to have a wildcard substitute for ABC?

  2. Plamen
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    Hello Dren,

    If only the 'ABC' is changing, it's easiest to use the tilde (~) to indicate a partial match based on the static portion of the string:
    var foundPopup = popup.VisualTree.Find.ByExpression(new XamlFindExpression("TextContent=~Cannot delete"));

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